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HCL Quality Policy

Our commitment to ensuring we deliver the highest quality

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HCL Fasteners Limited is committed to the manufacture / supply of plastic and metallic clamping solutions and ancillary products across a wide variety of sectors and markets. Focus will be given to:

  1. Meeting or exceeding the customers’ specified requirements and reasonable expectations.
  2. Working within the framework of statutory, regulatory and legal requirements.
  3. Ensuring products sent to customers are correct and arrive in good time and in good condition.
  4. Managing risks, process inputs and process outputs to ensure consistent products.
  5. Continually improving, growing and developing the business using a Quality Management System that conforms to the requirements of ISO9001 to ensure consistent quality in all work undertaken.
  6. Establishing and communicating measureable Quality Objectives that will reflect the company strategy and will be subject to review to ensure ongoing relevance and performance.
  7. Ensuring that Quality and Continual Improvement are responsibilities for all employees, in every activity, throughout the company.
  8. Supporting all employees according to their individual needs for personal development, training and resources.
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HCL is uniquely placed to provide a first class clamping service thanks to its long term exclusive arrangements with high quality clamping suppliers around the world, and its ability to manufacture a variety of clamping products and fitting tools.

Founded in 1994, HCL was originally known for the manufacture and supply of the original double grip plastic hose clamp, the Herbie Clip®. Since then, HCL has established a focused range of products which specialise in plastic clamping and banding; including Smart® Band, Smart® Tie and the Ezyclik®. Our hi-tech manufacturing facility consists of numerous injection moulding machines and bespoke extrusion lines.


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HCL Fasteners Ltd

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